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Our highly qualified and registered professionals offer a safe and confidential environment for our clients to access gold standard treatments.

We pride ourselves on supporting you through challenging times with care and compassion.

Therapy & Treatment Programmes…

By taking the first step to improving your wellbeing, we will support you through this process, ensuring a better you.

We have a continual commitment to both our clients and our staff to prioritise their mental health.

We value what our clients think…

“I accessed the service because of a life long issue causing anxiety and frustration. Therapy helped me to recognise my self-imposed rules, form better habits and try new things without anxiety and with an open mind.” – Craig

“Therapy exceeded my expectations. Not only that it worked, but how quickly it worked. Every week there was a little nugget of information that resonated and made me think differently. I would tell anyone that is considering therapy here to give it a try. If there was someone I thought was struggling I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sian.” – Anonymous

“Therapy has taught me to look at life differently and made me more open minded about things. It allowed me to share what was going through my head and made me feel like I wasn’t the only one going through such things. I have referred a close friend of mine to Sian as this person has had bad experiences with therapy in the past, and I know that Sian will do a fantastic job and I wouldn’t want them to look anywhere else.” – Luke S

“From the very start of therapy Sian made me feel at ease and it didn’t feel like a therapy session. Sian guided me through my therapy journey with compassion and understanding. What I gained from these sessions was invaluable.” – Anonymous

“This therapy helped me move on and escape from a relationship that was toxic to me, and made me realise (even during lockdown) that being on my own wasn’t such a bad thing. In fact, I now love my own space more than ever and being in a relationship is just a bonus not a necessity. I am motivated to take on new challenges and push myself out of my comfort zone, all as a result of the work I did in therapy.” – Anonymous

“Since my therapy I look at life more openly. Therapy has taught me how to challenge my insecurities and although I still have the odd bad day I can manage them and move on from them. I have become my own therapist.

For this, Sian will always be at the top of my list for anyone out their struggling and thinking that there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel.” – Anonymous